Anna Kang

I’m a freelance writer and editor

vwho specializes in food and drink trends in the U.S. and around the world. I’ve written for consumer and B2B publications such as TIME, Gastro Obscura, SilverKris, Nation’s Restaurant News and Restaurant Hospitality. I’m interested in profiling anything new and innovative that impacts the world of food and dining, especially when it involves small and independent businesses, emerging chains and startups. I’m usually based in New York City, but I’m always willing to travel for a delicious meal. You can find me on Instagram or Twitter: @annaheekang.

  • 世界初のカーボンネガティブ蒸留酒、CO2から作るウォッカ

    ニューヨークのスタートアップ「エア・カンパニー(Air Company)」は2020年8月26日、「エア・ウォッカ(Air Vodka)」の小売り販売を正式に開始した。併せて、エア・ウォッカが購入できるeコマースプラットフォームも立ち上げた。このウォッカは、同社にとって初の一般消費者向け商品だが、数 ...