Brooke Roberts-Islam

I am an industry insider writing about fashion tech and sustainability

I am a fashion tech innovator, writer and public speaker with several years of experience working across this growing sector. I am Co-Director of the innovation agency BRIA, where we create materials-tech collaborations and sustainability innovations with brands from both the fashion and technology sectors, directly combining my knowledge of the latest developments in fashion tech with my cross-discipline approach to developing new materials. As one of few specialists with career experience of working in the fields of both science and design, as well as previously running a fashion brand, I use my expertise to write about the new emerging sector of fashion tech, along with the advances which will drive sustainability in the fashion industry. I have previously written for a number of publications, including my own platform, Techstyler, and have been invited to speak about fashion tech at numerous conferences and events, including delivering a TED talk.

  • 100万円で落札の「仮想ドレス」に見るファッションの未来

    デジタル・ファッションが普及する上で、大きな一歩となる出来事があった。あるオークションで、史上初めてデジタル・ファッションが落札されたのだ。それを作ったのは、この分野のパイオニアである「The Fabricant」だ。同社は、2Dや3Dのデザイン用ソフトウェアを用い、超リアルなデジタル衣類を作成して ...