Ed Rensi


I am the retired president and CEO of McDonald’s USA, where I spent nearly my entire professional career. I started as a grill cook in Columbus, Ohio in 1966 and went on to hold nearly every position in the restaurant and field offices before being named president in 1984 and CEO in 1991. In my tenure at McDonald’s I spearheaded the enhancement of the breakfast menu and drive thru concept as well as the development of Chicken McNuggets, McRib sandwich, Extra Value Meal, and Ronald McDonald House. As president, McDonald’s sales and number of U.S. restaurants roughly doubled.

  • 「最低賃金の引き上げに反対しない」 米マクドナルドは正しいか?

    米マクドナルドの創業者レイ・クロックとその後を継いだ最高経営責任者(CEO)のフレッド・ターナーが、企業とフランチャイズ加盟店(フランチャイジー)、サプライヤーの関係を三脚イスに例えたのは有名な話だ。システムがうまく機能するためには、3者がいずれも良い結果を出さなくてはならない。だが、マクドナルドは ...